Why Seabreeze?

Why Seabreeze?

Seabreeze is proactive. With one call, you can rely on us to provide high quality, professional Property Maintenance, Pavement and Landscape Services.

Seabreeze is committed to its customers. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and believe in providing service 24/7/365 days/year to our customers. If you need us and we can help, we will be there. Our job is to make your job easier.

Seabreeze is thorough. We pay attention to all the details of a job. And we’re transparent—we tell you what needs to be done and make it happen.

Seabreeze is efficient. As a company that relies on efficiencies to survive and compete in the marketplace, we are always looking at ways to become more efficient in our work. An important part of our work is to identify money saving practices.

Seabreeze promotes stewardship of our natural resources. Every day in our maintenance operation, Seabreeze tackles environmental concerns from applying fertilizer to using pesticides and herbicides that meets--and exceeds—the industry’s best practices.