Year Round Service

The lawn, landscape, and pavement of your property is your building’s signature. When you trust its maintenance to Seabreeze Property Services, Southern Maine’s leading provider of property services, you’ll discover that all year long, Seabreeze provides unrivaled property services for exceptional commercial sites.

Throughout Maine’s dynamic four seasons, select from Seabreeze Property Services’ maintenance offerings:


  • Remove all debris from lawn areas and mulch beds and de-thatch lawns
  • Remove sand from lawns, walkways and driveways
  • Sweep all roadways and parking lots
  • Fertilize and apply weed control to lawn areas
  • Plant summer annuals for increased color
  • Prune dead, diseased and damaged material from shrubbery and trees
  • Create crisp, well-defined mulch beds and tree rings and finish with a top dressing of fresh, premium blend mulch
  • Repair snow plow damage to lawns


  • Establish and maintain a regular schedule of lawn cutting, fertilization, pest, and weed control with licensed in-house applicators—no need for other subcontractors
  • Rejuvenate under-performing areas of lawn
  • Prune trees and trim shrubbery
  • Clean and remove weeds from beds and under shrubbery on a weekly basis
  • Spray to control and eliminate unsightly weeds on curb lines, parking lots and sidewalks


  • Complete leaf removal
  • Winterize landscaping and prepare beds for winter,including cleaning, trimming, mulching, and cutting back perennials
  • Plant fall annuals and mums
  • Fertilize lawns for quick green-up of grass in the spring
  • Aerate and overseed lawns


  • Rest easy and rely upon our proactive 24-hour radio-dispatched early-bird snow removal. With our extensive fleet of snow equipment we clear any size lots, roadways, and walks including snow plowing; application of sand, salt, calcium