Featured Property

When Julie Gross built her new 2-unit home on 5 1/2 acres in Gorham, she wanted to join forces with one firm that would provide professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance on her property. After walking the acreage with Seabreeze owner, Pete Kelly, she knew that she had found her ideal contractor. Julie found Pete very easy to work with, he was both flexible and creative and most of all, he was an enthusiastic collaborator. She found the partnership enjoyable as they worked together to create hardscapes including a stone retaining wall with steps to hide a septic system and a beautiful patio with half-moon pavers. Gross and Kelly also created a plan for extensive flower beds and borders, shrubbery planting and a hydroseeded lawn - then visited the nursery together to make final planting selections. The final landscape showcases a wide variety of colorful plantings and Gross is very pleased with the outcome. By working with Seabreeze, Gross knew that the landscape design and installation would have one additional important feature: ease of maintenance. Because Seabreeze has expertise in maintaining landscapes, she knew that caring for her property would be easier going forward.

"This was my first time in creating a landscape and I really enjoyed the design process - working with Seabreeze was a great collaboration and an enjoyable partnership. The entire staff was as invested in and excited about the project as I was. Their crew is hard working and very customer service oriented."