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Our Services

Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance

Seabreeze has been offering best-in-industry Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance for over 20 years. Our dedicated teams will upkeep your property to the highest of standards regardless of size or the intricacy of your needs.

Landscape Construction & Hardscapes

Seabreeze offers comprehensive start-to-finish service for all of your Landscape Design, Hardscape, and Light Construction needs. In collaboration with our in-house Landscape designers, we can translate your vision to reality, adding value and beauty to your property.

Pavement Maintenance & Repair

Seabreeze offers a full range of pavement services to keep your walkways, parking lots, and other paved features looking their best year-round. Whether it be sweeping, pot hole repair, resurfacing, or more, Seabreeze has the equipment and expertise to fill your need.

Snow & Ice Management

At Seabreeze, we take pride in our 24-hour, unrivalled snow plowing, snow removal, and ice control services. Our vast fleet of top-of-the-line equipment allows us to provide snow management for a broad range of clients with unparalleled speed, quality, and reliability.

Trash Removal & Janitorial Services

Going the extra mile, Seabreeze offers routine property clean-ups and trash removal to ensure the day-to-day curb appeal of your property is everything it can, and should be.

Why us?

Armed & Ready

Safe, Efficient, Equipped. We have the skills and equipment to fill your need.

This is What We Do

Nurturing the best professionals possible, to provide the best service possible.

Over 20 Years Experience

If it can happen, we’ve seen it, and we can help.

Our Home Too

It is an honor and privilege to serve the great communities of Maine.

Not a Contractor, a Partner

Regardless of the scale or scope of your project, Seabreeze will treat your property with the care and diligence we would our own.

Here For You

Need more information? Want to learn more about us? Call, or email, we are moments away.

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